Control Scheme

Mar 11, 2008 at 4:51 PM
The controls on the Zune30 (which I have) and Zune80 (which I don't have) are slightly different.

The Zune30 offers a clickable wheel (4 click points: up, down, left, right) with a button in the middle (select) and two buttons outside the wheel (back and play/pause)
(TODO: update with Zune80 control scheme)

Control Mapping
It makes sense to use the up/down/left/right wheelclicks to move the cursor around the ZuDoKu board.

The center button would be used to select a square to place a number in.
Once a square has been selected (above), player could use the up/down to change numbers.
After the player chooses a number, click the center button again to confirm.

The back button could erase the number from the selected square.
(or we could use the select button again and have a blank in the number list)

If we don't use the back button for erase (can we even do that?) then maybe it could display a menu.

Unknowns / Issues
Since the beta hasn't been released yet, currently we have no idea if we will be able to use the back and play/pause buttons from the game. We might be limited to the wheelclicks and center button.